Thursday, September 23, 2010

iso image as Repository for Fedora13

Fedora as usual is so much configurable and I enjoyed the 'Freedom' provided by it.
The reason setting DVD iso image as repository is my old desktop (P4M266) does not have
dvd-rom drive.
So I was unable to install new packages to the system.
I was searching for the way and I googled for something and I got the option of setting iso file as a repository.

Steps :-

1) Copy content of the folder Packages from the Fedora 13 DVD.
2) Let us consider you have copied the content to folder /home/user/Packages,
now run "createrepo /home/user/Packages" from command line.
Make sure that you have write permissions of the specified directory.
3) One thing should be noted that you have to install createrepo package to system then and then only you can create metafile information of the directory.
4) Next thing is to create MyISORepo.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d folder.

$vi MyISORepo.repo

5) Save the file.

Now run the yum install Package-Name to install package and you will see that it is getting installed from the hdd.

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